Keynote Invited Speakers

  • Muzaffer ELMAS
    Prof. Dr. Muzaffer ELMAS
    Higher Education Quality Council, Turkey

    Speech Title: The Development of Acreditaion in Turkish Higher Education

  • Nükhet Hotar
    Prof. Dr. Nükhet Hotar
    Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey

    Speech Title: Turkish disability rights in the 21st century and their reflections at Dokuz Eylul University

  • Michael Thomas
    Prof. Dr. Michael Thomas
    University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom

    Speech Title: Digital Education and its Impact: Towards an Agenda for Inclusivity, Sustainability and Social Justice

  • Carlos Francisco De Sousa  REIS
    Prof. Dr. Carlos Francisco De Sousa REIS
    University of Coimbra, Portugal

    Speech Title: New Development in Education

  • John  Hitchcock
    Prof. Dr. John Hitchcock
    University of Indiana, United States

    Speech Title: How to use mixing method in educational research